The Rotary Club of Highlands Ranch
Founded 1985

Rotary is a service organization that is developing the next generation of leaders and funding projects to make the world a better place and making peace a priority.

Rotary is thinking boldly and declaring that we will eradicate Polio from the world forever.

Rotary is investing in ambassadorial scholars and Youth Exchange programs– knowing that we will change lives of these young people and by doing so we will inch closer to a more peaceful world.

Rotary is knowing that one good idea, one committee, one global grant can change the lives millions and have a lasting impact on the world.

Rotary is helping families and communities in the Philippines, Haiti, Indonesia and countless other countries after a natural disaster by providing the very basic essentials to survive as they rebuild. Thank you ShelterBox.

Rotary is establishing a community library in partnership with the Peace Corps in Costa Rica and distributing books in rural areas of Costa Rica knowing that we are encouraging the love of reading and higher education.

Rotary is supporting our military for their service to our country and to the world.

Rotary is honoring and supporting Wounded Warriors and the bonfire program.

Rotary is knitting winter hats and providing blankets to comfort our veterans and their families as an expression of our love for their sacrifices.

Rotary is making sure the food banks, like Integrated Family Community Services / IFCS and Help & Hope Center, have their shelves stocked for our neighbors who are struggling or going thru a difficult transition.

Rotary is making time to read to the young children in the elementary schools.

Rotary is preparing a hot breakfast or a meal at the Ronald McDonald House for families’ whose children battle with life threatening illnesses.

Rotary is listening to others struggles and pain and DECIDING to act with compassion and empathy to help them through a difficult time.

Rotary is twisting your friends’ arms to buy more peaches than they can eat to support Rotary Youth Leadership Award camps / RYLA, knowing that we are making a difference in young people and our future leaders.

Rotary is investing in our young people through our participation in Hide In Plain Sight, Peaceful Schools, Interact, and Scholarship programs.

Rotary is listening to the joy in our fellow Rotarian’s lives during happy bucks.

Rotary is family- knowing that your Family of Rotary will support you when you are ill, or navigating a divorce, or when you are just having a bad day.

Rotary is having fellowship while sorting medical supplies, painting at Help & Hope Center, or enjoying an adult beverage at one of our MANY socials.

Rotary is comprised of People of Action – loading boxes of food into cars of families struggling through the COVID pandemic and planting trees in the scorching heat of summer to make our community better. 

Rotary is knowing that when your head hits the pillow at bedtime, your heart and soul are comforted by knowing that YOU are making a difference in the lives of people, many of whom you may never meet.

We are proud to be associated with Rotary International,
and even prouder to be a part of The Rotary Club of Highlands Ranch,
because WE...ARE ROTARY!