Once fully funded, the Rotary Endowed Fellowship for Pediatric Mental Health will have a long-term, high impact effect on Colorado’s pediatric behavior health services by decreasing provider shortages through recruitment and training of pediatric psychiatry Fellows at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

These specialist additions to the pediatric mental health workforce pipeline at Children’s Hospital Colorado will increase availability for treatment and will escalate broad systemic improvements to Colorado’s pediatric behavior health services. 
Colorado Kids in Crisis
These challenges are not new. But because of the pandemic, they have taken on historic urgency.


Bounce back to the Emergency Department within a year of the previous behavioral health visit across Colorado

Suicide #1

Suicide is the leading cause of death for youth ages 10-19 in 2020



Of all mental health conditions occur before age 14; 75% by the age of 24

Increase in mental health visits to a Children's Hospital Colorado Emergency Department from 2019 to 2021





Workforce turnover over the past year across disciplines

Out of 22 comparable children’s hospitals across the country, Children’s Hospital Colorado is one of only six that have a comprehensive psychiatric and behavioral health program.

Children’s Hospital Colorado treats kids from all 64 Colorado counties.

Please consider joining our commitment giving youth and families hope for the future.


“We stand in full support of the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club’s initiative to raise funds for a mental health fellowship at Children’s Hospital Colorado. An investment in the individuals who will provide mental health services for our kids will pay dividends for years to come as we know that kids who are healthy in mind, body, and spirit grow up to become healthy adults. A fellowship is much more than support for one individual’s professional development, for that one caregiver will go on to have an impact on hundreds of patients and their families. That one caregiver, during the course of their career, will also train others who will go on to help their own patients. That one caregiver could also make discoveries that improve and transform mental health treatment for kids all over the world. It is this multiplying effect that makes fellowships one of the best and most exciting gifts that our organization can receive.”
Dr. K. Ron-Li Liaw
Mental Health In-Chief
Children’s Hospital Colorado

Who are pediatric mental health fellows and what do they do at Children's Hospital Colorado?

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How you can give children and families Hope for the Future:

  • Your partnership and financial gift to the Rotary Endowed Fellowship for Pediatric Mental Heatlh will have long-term impact addressing our state's shortage of mental health professionals.

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  • Endorsement through your financial contribution of the Rotary Endowed Fellowship for Pediatric Mental Health reinforces Rotary's pledge to improve lives by taking action to making lasting change.

  • Contribution to the Rotary Endowed Fellowship for Pediatric Mental Health provides the opportunity to do something larger than ourselves, by advancing access to treatment, ensuring a better life for the children and families of Colorado.

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