Highlands Ranch
United States of America
This day Rotarians across our district, our state, our country and across the world are planning an Epic Day of Service.  Our club is planning four projects for this day, giving you the choice of choosing a project that you would like to work on.
For more information, check out the website at Epicdayofservice.org
It is our club’s hopes that we can have a 100% turn-out from all of our members.
Sign Up Instructions:
  1. Go to the epicdayofservice.org website.
  2. In the blue header:  click on “View Projects & volunteer Now!”
  3. Scroll down a short ways to the box that says:  “Sponsoring Rotary Club”
  4. Type in Highlands Ranch.  Hit the Blue “Search” button.
  5. All of our club’s projects will show up below.  You can read through the description of each project and click on “View Details” to see more.  
    • For example, if you want to work on the Project CURE project, Type CURE in the “Search Entries” box.
  6. When you decide on a project, click on the “click Here to Volunteer!” button.
  7. The next screen will ask for your name and contact information and your club.  This information will go to Alan Balfour.
  8. The next screen is where you “Select your Shift/Role”.  
  9. You will also be asked to fill in an emergency contact and phone number.
  10. The next screen is where the lawyers got involved and asks you to agree to a waiver.  Please check the box and move on to  “Next”.
  11. At this point you will you will check the “Save my Volunteer Information” box and you are done!
  12. The program will want to take you to a Fund Raising website.  This is optional.  We have our own fund raising program with Bright Futures.

Please feel free to email, text, or call Alan Balfour with any questions.