Speaker Date Topic
JJ Johnson Jun 01, 2022 7:15 AM
Program Development Director, Zuma's Rescue Ranch
Program Development Director, Zuma's Rescue Ranch

The June 1st Sunrise meeting will be held off-site at Zuma's Rescue Ranch, 7745 N Moore Rd, Littleton, CO 80125.

Feel free to join a tour of the ranch after meeting!

Jeannie Ritter Jun 02, 2022
Mental Health Ambassador

Debby Doig will introduce her. 

Einar Jensen Jun 09, 2022
Home fire mitigation

Einar is with So Metro Fire & Rescue. 

Club Biz Day Jun 16, 2022
Tamie Fennell, Debbie Leonard, Tom McHugh Jun 16, 2022
Launch of Bright Futures
DARK! Jun 23, 2022

Picnic is on Saturday, June 25, therefore we're dark on June 23

Tom Harris Jun 30, 2022
Dougco County Fair

His aide is: Aurora Ogg, aOgg@da18.state.co.uc

DA John Kellner Jul 14, 2022

Sue arranged

Club Biz Day Jul 21, 2022
Dr. Mindy Hendrick, Clarity Chiropractic Jul 21, 2022
Brain health, degeneration, and what to do about it
Maggie Gannon Jul 28, 2022
Leaving a Legacy; CEO of my Living Obituary
Justin Kruger, founder of Project Helping Aug 11, 2022
Youth mental wellness
Club Biz Day Aug 18, 2022
Club Biz Day Sep 15, 2022
Club Biz Day Oct 20, 2022
Club Biz Day Nov 17, 2022