Speaker Date Topic
Tom Keyton Jul 07, 2022
Meet our New President!

Tom's classification talk

DA John Kellner Jul 14, 2022

Sue arranged

Bright Futures update Jul 14, 2022

15 minutes, following speaker

Club Biz Day Jul 21, 2022
Dr. Mindy Hendrick, Clarity Chiropractic Jul 21, 2022
Brain health, degeneration, and what to do about it
Justin Kruger, founder of Project Helping Aug 11, 2022
Youth mental wellness
Club Biz Day, JJ Johnson Aug 18, 2022
Zuma's Rescue Ranch

Sue - JJ is the project development director. She'll talk about their childrens & mental health programs 

Bright Futures update Aug 18, 2022

15 minutes following speaker

Area 4 Assembly Picnic Aug 31, 2022

District Governor, Buchi will not be making individual club visits, but has asked all District 5450 Areas to coordinate on an Area Assembly. THIS WILL BE OUR MEETING FOR THE WEEK, THURSDAY WILL BE DARK. It will be a great opportunity for fellowship with area Rotary clubs of Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Parker and Highlands Ranch! 😀 Think of it as a mini RI Convention! 

DARK! Sep 01, 2022

Our meeting this week takes place on Wednesday for the District area meeting.

Maggie Gannon Sep 08, 2022
My Living Obituary
Club Biz Day Sep 15, 2022
Club Biz Day Oct 20, 2022
Club Biz Day Nov 17, 2022
Club Biz Day Dec 22, 2022