Speaker Date Topic
Tily Phannenstiel Jul 25, 2024
Virtual Peace Corps
Carie Muirhead Aug 01, 2024

Carie will talk about one of the dreaded places in the airport - TSA security! They're history, what they look for, what pre-check is all about.

Ray Anderson's wife recommended the program

Nina Lewis Aug 01, 2024
YLY, an offshoot of RYLA
Dr Sujatha Venkataraman Aug 08, 2024
Pediatric cancer treatment
Brittany Calvert Aug 15, 2024
Importance of Blood Donation
Lauren Osga Aug 22, 2024
World Affairs Challenge

Ask Phil Calderbank to do introductions. 

Tent - exchange student Sep 05, 2024
DG Tammy Sep 19, 2024
Rotary, An Expression of Who We Are

No AV needed

Dr. Meha Semwal Smith Sep 26, 2024
Meet our first endowed fellow

Dr. Meha Semwal Smith, Colorado Rotary Endowed Fellow for Pediatric Mental Health at Children’s Hospital.

She'll need 10 or so minutes & will then answer questions

League of Women Voters Oct 10, 2024
CO ballot issues

Diana Hartney recommended this presentation. Contact is Maggie Beveridge